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Launch Upgrade Harness for MBE 9A4/9A8 ECU1s


Launch upgrade harness for MBE9A4/9A8 ECUs with 8 Position dial (1-7 launch setting & 8 is off) & launch button. Needs launch control switch SWT-MICRO-SL-LL-SS fitted to the clutch. Suitable for Vauxhall, Duratec & Hayabusa off the shelf harnesses.
Launch control on the MBE9A4/9A8 can be configured to use up to 7 different launch maps. Each map can be set with the different launch rpm & can be externally selected by the user depending on track conditions.
The launch control is activated with a launch switch (fitted to the clutch pedal SWT-MICRO-SL-LL-SS (NC)) & button (NO) either mounted on the dash or steering wheel with a sequence as follows;
1. Depress the clutch (switch triggered only when fully pressed to the floor), which activates launch switch.
2. Then push steering wheel button, which arms launch.
3. Release steering wheel button, launch then becomes active.
4. Depress throttle by desired amount, which will bring the engine rpm to your pre-set launch limiter (according to selected setting).
5. Then release clutch, the ECU then progresses though the launch map maintaining the programmed rev limits, which you have set to increase over a longer or shorter period of time as desired.
Uses the same selector as Traction Control. If traction control is set up within the MBE9A4/9A8, the launch control will then switch from launch to traction control automatically, please discuss settings and set up with your engine programmer.
Note: MBE9A6/9A9 uses the same function but these are normally built into custom made harness

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