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Helmet Bleeper Kit


The bleeper kit is a very useful piece of equipment for the driver, it includes ear bleeper with 1/4″ jackplug & add-on adapter harness, 2.5m length. It is fitted into the crash helmet and produces an audible output when the shift point is reached, this means that the driver does not have to look at any lights and therefore can keep their eyes on the track ahead. The 4-way version plugs in between our off the shelf 9A4 & 9A8 wiring harnesses. It connects in between the wiring harness and the interface connector as shown below.

The bleeper can be used either simply as an audible indication for gear change when the shift point is reached, but it can be also used for other warnings such as:
High water temperature
Low oil pressure*
Low fuel pressure*
High oil temperature*
*Note: Additional extra sensors and wiring will be required for these warnings. The 9A4 & 9A8 have 3 programmable input pins, so of which may already be being used for other functions. You will need to confirm what is currently programmed.

LM-BLEEPER-KIT-03 layout

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